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As the contracted lead for the voluntary and community sector we are the main communications channel. Read on for more information on all the communication services we provide.


Pulse Daily is our website news blog
Pulse Weekly is an email newsletter containing news, events, training opportunities etc from the sector.

We send you the digest of the latest items every week by email if:

  • you’ve subscribed
  • you’re an OCVA Member
  • your group has said (or you have said) you are happy to receive OCVA emails
Pulse contains:
  • News, jobs and events from our members, friends, partners and colleagues in our sector
  • News and events from OCVA
    • Announcements to the sector from OCVA
  • Contract offers, conference dates and announcements 
  • Notice of Award and Funding opportunities

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Editor: Gillian Warson


Training Updates – over 2,200 individual subscribers

  • Keep up-to-date with sector-relevant and local training delivered by OCVA
  • Includes occasional training alerts on behalf of OCVA partners and friends
  • Anyone can sign up to receive

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Editor: Charlotte Foxhall

Volunteer Newsletter – Sent to 3,000+ Local Volunteers

  • This goes out by email to over 3,000 Oxfordshire-based volunteers once per month
  • Great way to promote your volunteering opportunities to a local audience

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Editor: Emily Shaw

Volunteer Coordinators

Editor: Emily Shaw

Voluntary Voice – Reaches the Oxfordshire Public

Editor: Gillian Warson

Yammer! Groups sponsored by MicrosoftTM

  • Yammer! is an enterprise level social media platform
  • It’s secure, and is owned by Microsoft
  • It’s just a website; it should be usable in most if not all IT set-ups
  • OCVA has free use of it due to our reduced-rate charity Office365 subscription
  • It enables free, simple, quick social media groups for specific audiences
  • Several groups are already active on Yammer!, including:
    • OSCA – the Oxfordshire Stronger Communities Alliance
    • CYPF – the Children and Young People’s Forum
    • BBO – Building Better Opportunities (the name of a recent ESIF funding round)

See the full list and request to sign up to groups.

Social and New Media

Website Editor and Social Media Editor: Gillian Warson & Charlotte Foxhall, Editor for the Volunteer Centre: Emily Shaw
Twitter: The whole OCVA staff team
Facebook: Gillian Warson & Charlotte Foxhall