With OCVA you can have your own ‘community of interest’ online network set up

Online networks are great for ‘communities of interest’ – people working in different organisations across the non-profit sector coming together from across the county. It means a physical meeting point and time are not necessary for the essential networking to take place.

You can share discussions, files, and add members. You can also use the network either on your desktop or mobile.

OCVA has roughly 85% sector coverage with its database. If you clarify what it is you need, we can send out a targeted network joining invitation to groups based on the client types they have or the services they provide.

To request a new online network complete this form. There will be a setup fee of £10 for OCVA members and £20 for non-members.

About this

The Yammer networking mobile app, web app and service are owned by MicrosoftTM. Yammer comes free with OCVA’s Office365 subscription. The setup fee covers the staff time taken to create the network for you.