pulse-finalSubmit your content to Pulse Daily (online), Pulse Weekly (email), or Pulse Star (OCVA Members), and reach out to the non-profit sector in Oxfordshire.

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How it works

  1. Choose your insert option below
  2. If applicable, pay with PayPal
  3. Where applicable, email your proof of purchase to admin AT ocva.org.uk (replace AT with @) along with the content you’d like inserted (either as an attachment, or in the body of your email)
  4. Please don’t use tables for layout; they only slow us down
  5. OCVA will review your request and (a) include your content at the next available opportunity or (b) issue a PayPal refund

Inclusion is at OCVA’s discretion. OCVA reserves the right to refuse inclusion without providing a reason for doing so. We do not sell email addresses to any third party. Note that Pulse Weekly email circulation numbers fluctuate according to relevance.

Partners and Funders

A very small number of partner and funder organisations have access to post to Pulse directly. Partners and Funders who wish to post directly please email us requesting this, or just email us your content.

Submission guidelines

  • Keep it brief
  • Only include one or two images
  • Make your links meaningful. Never write ‘click here’. Either write the web address in full, or insert a web link into the paragraph text where it makes the most sense. For example, ‘Sign up’ would be good words to turn into a link taking readers to an event sign up page
  • Strip out your email signature and email disclaimer text
  • W5H is handy to remember when composing your text. What, Who, When, Where, Why, and How
  • If it’s unlikely to be of interest to our readers, your request may be refused. We regret that our website on WordPress.Com does not permit advertising. If your content is promoting for-profit services we can only include it in Pulse Weekly email, or Pulse Star
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