Please note: this service is for events and services for which charges are made to the user.

Who will my advert reach?

Your advert will go in our news channel PulsePulse is updated on our website daily and sent weekly by email. Email circulation is to voluntary organisations, groups, other organisations and individuals who have registered to receive Pulse. Currently (2019) there are around 780 signed up.  It will also get out to our over 2,000 Twitter followers and appear on our Facebook page.

How it works

  1. Decide what you would like to include
    1. Keep it brief
    2. Only include one or two images
    3. W5H is handy to remember when composing your text. What, Who, When, Where, Why, and How
  2. Complete the ‘Make a Pulse’ form:
    1. Where possible please submit text attachments as a Word document
    2. Please submit image attachments as a jpg or png
    3. Please do not include tables
    4. Please do not include newsletters (include the link in your submission and we can add this to the post)
    5. Ensure writing on all images/posters is legible
    6. Please ensure copyright permission has been secured (especially for images and photographs)
  3. OCVA will review your request and include your content at the next available opportunity if appropriate.
    1. Inclusion is at OCVA’s discretion. OCVA reserves the right to refuse inclusion without providing a reason for doing so. We do not sell email addresses to any third party. Note that Pulse Weekly email circulation numbers fluctuate according to relevance.
  4. Pulse weekly is not circulated every single week of the year – for example it is not circulated during national and bank holidays, and during staff holidays.
  5. On weeks of very high demand, it is not possible to include every news item and some items will be left out at the discretion of OCVA.  This is because of statutory responsibilities.

Step 1

Members, please pay £5 using PayPal. Once you receive your PayPal email receipt, email the receipt to putting “paid advert” in the subject line.

Pay £5 now

Non members please pay £10 using PayPal. Once you receive your PayPal email receipt, email the receipt to putting “paid advert” in the subject line.

Pay £10 now

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Step 2

Please complete this form to send us the advert details. We do not accept adverts by email.