Within three years, apps will begin to drive a more efficient voluntary, community, charity, and social enterprise sector.

When we started this project in 2014 the non-profit sector had few (if any) web apps. Now there are loads! (See our list.)

Our app fills a gap.

Empowering groups
  • Groups want evidence: An estimated 4,000+ non-profit organisations operating in Oxfordshire¹ need insights on the most pressing needs for work and bidding; funders need a business case backed up with evidence
  • Groups need to bid: The funding landscape is a headache for non-profits. These groups could identify appropriate funding much more easily with the right tools
  • Groups need to match: Non-profits also need to identify one another from time to time; such as in joint bidding with commissioners
Enabling Funders (Are you a Funder?)
  • Funders want groups: Funders are out there, but they need to direct their grant-making and support effectively. We understand this to be a problem in Oxfordshire
  • Funders want to track results: Funders increasingly want to review the accomplishments of their investment. Observing social shifts through time may evidence project successes (hugely useful for the funder)
Helping local government and the tax payer
  • Commissioners want data to be available and usable: Taxpayer money needs saving, and commissioners want to make best use of our sector. Yet there’s little mechanism for this; the information is out there, but it’s not shared. We’re working to make it shared, available, and usable for everyone who needs it.
By linking need, funding and service provision open data we will all drive a more efficient sector; responding to UK budgetary constraints whilst also making full use of the sector often best placed to deliver many services. We’ve started work on this already, as explained in this Oxford Mail leader story, 28.07.15.

We’ll let you know more as the project progresses.

About this

Project Contact at OCVA

Project funding: Oxfordshire Community Foundation funds were combined with OCVA resource to deliver a 1.5 FTE x 6 week research project from April to October 2015.

Project status: A 60+ page technical and functional specification document has been prepared. We are discussing first steps.


1: OCVA knows about 3,164 Oxfordshire non-profit organisations. We know there are at least 1,000 more. (Figures, 2015)

2: ‘Open data is data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone – subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and share alike.’ (Source.)

Oxfordshire Community Foundation have recently published Frequently Asked Questions for VCOs about open data (PDF, 193Kb). Both OCF and OCVA would encourage any local non-profit to publish open data if they can.

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