Data research services

Roughly a quarter of our data set is available as a free open download. However, if you require more comprehensive intelligence involving Oxfordshire’s non-profits we can interrogate our full data set (~85% sector coverage) and supply bespoke reports at cost.

Contact us to discuss.

In-house data research

We undertake in-depth research using combinations of our own rich data, data from government sources and other data sets to:

  • identify gaps in provision from the non-profit sector
  • identify opportunities for prevention-led delivery
  • identify opportunities for consortia
  • identify duplication and inefficiency

This work bridges three of our work areas:

Data research
Business Development: Angela Cristofoli
Collaboration: Gillian Warson

For 2016 we’ve reported on:

  1. Food banks
  2. CSE
  3. The future of the sector to 2020: emerging themes
  4. Shape of the Sector (disbanded groups over time by region)