Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Oxfordshire Community Foundation inspires local philanthropy and develops community-based solution to key social problems.  We support the charitable sector by making grants and joining groups up with volunteers, particularly from local businesses.  We are delighted to sponsor these awards because we believe in the power of volunteers, and hope to inspire more people to get involved in the wonderful work being done by our local charities”
  Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
We are delighted to sponsor the Young Volunteer Award as we can see the long term benefits of nurturing volunteers
Collaborent is delighted to be a sponsoring partner of the OCVA Charity and Volunteer Awards.  Grant Hayward has supported the awards since they were launched.  He formed Collaborent specifically to promote and facilitate the tremendous opportunities that companies have for business development through community engagement, and to support the voluntary sector to adapt and become more sustainable.
Our passion is for people to have the opportunity to flourish at work and in the community.  Hunts will always contribute where possible to help people thrive and grow
  OxLEPOxfordshire LEP is delighted to support local communities across the county and proud to sponsor the Innovation Award.  Innovation is the key to success in all areas of the community and we will continue to work to achieve our shared goals
  Jennings/Monument Community Trust
The event is a great celebration of the voluntary sector and recognises the amazing work, services and support that the volunteers, charities and community groups provide.  As one of the original sponsors, we love being involved with these awards and are fascinated to hear the great things that are being achieved.
  Clark Howes
Many people and organisations dedicate significant time to helping a variety of important causes and without them, the people that need support would not get it.
  Oxfordshire County Council
Oxfordshire County Council is delighted to sponsor the Charity of the Year award.  The County Council is a strong supporter of the voluntary and community sector and the very important role it plays in Oxfordshire and this is one way that we can show our appreciation to the many groups that contribute to the thriving sector.  In making this award we recognise that there are many more voluntary and community organisations providing valuable services in the community that often go unrecognised and we would like to take this opportunity to recognise the contribution they make.
  Oxford Bus Company
As one of the UK’s greenest bus companies, at Oxford Bus Company we always do our very best to care for the planet and the environment within our beautiful city.  We’ve been at the heart of life in Oxford for 135 years so we are delighted to support those who work tirelessly for our community.
  Oxford Brookes University
Every year, almost 2000 Oxford Brookes students volunteer regularly in the local community in a wide range of activities.  The benefit to the community and to the development of the students is invaluable.
Loneliness and isolation is a growing problem in our society and is as bad for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.  Ami is a new concept in flexible volunteering which helps to connect lonely and isolated people within our communities.  We are developing a tool which will help to increase that awareness and make the process of registering with an appropriate local charitiy or voluntary organisation quicker and easier.
  Heyford Park Management
We are proud to sponsor the Working Together Award rewarding joint working between the private and the voluntary sector.  Heyford Park is a great believer of real collaboration between all stakeholders from the private and voluntary sector working in partnership to benefit the community.  We are now immersed in a programme that will make the Heyford Park Community a great village environment that will create the perfect place to live and work.