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Essentials for the Leader in Raising the Profile of your


As CEO, this online workshop will demonstrate the difference that marketing can bring and will provide a format that will help to deliver improved control and performance to all key areas.

For charity CEOs attempting to manage and sustain their organisations in challenging times, marketing often has to have a lower priority than effective fundraising, bidding for contracts, retaining staff and finding volunteers.

However, a well-prepared Marketing Plan is the glue that binds these fundamental needs together into a cohesive expression of how a charity brings value to its community.

Marketing is a total understanding of the needs of users combined with the strengths of each charity’s ethos into a powerful and convincing proposition.

The Marketing Plan is the culmination of an organisation’s Mission and Vision and also the delivery of the Business Plan and Budget by taking account of internal characteristics and external dynamics.

How will I and my organisation benefit?

A Marketing Plan needs a format and this online workshop will provide a straightforward layout to complete, update and monitor. It is comprised of two parts, Design and Deliver.

The first three main headings, What – Why – When are Strategic (What do we want to achieve?) and the remaining three, How – Where – Who are Tactical (How do we need to proceed?). These headings can be varied to suit your needs but must include all the above categories to ensure completeness.

The Strategic list is generalised and leaves room for extra topics to support your organisation’s specific requirements. The Tactical space is for you to draft prior to our online workshop when a full review of topics and interactive discussion will help you add to your own discreet content prior to putting your Plan into effect.

Workshop leader

Neil Morrick will lead the workshop. His community activities over four decades include education, health and welfare together with strategic and marketing mentoring for many local, regional and national charities supporting a wide range of sectors.

Neil is a past chair of the now Oxford Spires Academy, Oxfordshire Family Mediation and Oxfordshire Youth. He initiated and co-wrote the Charity Chairs Checklist and has launched and delivered chairs’ forums and networks.

His business career focused on acquisitions, start-ups and turnarounds in the automotive industry and he has lived for over thirty years in Oxfordshire.

Who should attend?

This online workshop ideally follows on from “ Introduction to Marketing ”and is designed primarily for Chief Executives or Lead Officers of non-profit organisations.

Charity Chairs Checklist preambles Introduction to Marketing which ideally follows on with Essentials for the Leader in Raising the Profile of your Organisation

Charity Chairs Checklist also preludes Introduction to Strategy and ideally follows on with  Essentials for the Chair in Effective Development and Planning

All led by Neil Morrick – please click on the links above for more details.

Wednesday 27th October 2021

10.00 am – 12.00 pm

The course will be held online using Zoom 


  • £30 per person for OCVA Members
  • £45 per person from a charitable organisation who are not OCVA members
  • £60 per person from a non-charitable organisation


Please note there are two steps to this process and both steps of the process will need to be completed to secure your place.

  1. Complete the Google bookings form and register your details
  2. Make payment via PayPal within two working days of registering for the course. We’re using PayPal for this event. Select ‘pay with a debit or credit card ‘ if you don’t have a PayPal account (there’s no need to sign in to PayPal).

Step 1:

Step 2:

Choose payment type:

£ 30.00
  • Pay with PayPal
Charitable Organisations*
£ 45.00
  • Pay with PayPal
Non charitable rate
£ 60.00
  • Pay with PayPal
Course details at a glance

Date: Wednesday 27th October 2021
Time: 10.00 am – 12.00 pm
Cost: £30 – £60

Enquiries contact

When contacting us please state the name of the course your correspondence is in relation to.

Email training@ocva.org.uk or call us on 01865 251946

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