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Group development and seed funding

Trusts focusing on group development and seed funding

Please see below for companies and trusts that specialise with group development and seed funding.

Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Step Change Fund is for charities with visionary leadership that realise they need to transform the way they are organised in order to create a more solid basis for delivering their core work.

Wolfson Foundation
The Foundation’s funding in this area is focussed on three themes:

  1. Palliative Care and Hospices
  2. Older People
  3. Transitions and Independence

Transform Foundation 
To provide the initial funding to small and mid size charities to help them prove the potential of online marketing as a way of recruiting donors, volunteers, campaigners, or helping beneficiaries.

Triangle Trust
For carers, or rehabilitation. For example, be used to enable an organisation to make a step change such as diversifying its income streams or setting up a social enterprise to help it become more sustainable in the long-term.

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