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Communities of Practice, part of the Oxfordshire Way

‘Enabling the people of Oxfordshire to live well in their community, remaining fit and healthy for as long as possible’
Oxfordshire’s Adult Social Care ambition

Adult Social Care in Oxfordshire is transforming the way that it works, putting the person at the centre and ensuring that local community assets and social activities form part of how people create a network of support.

Adult Social Care in Oxfordshire is changing, moving to a more community focused preventative way of working

One part of this new approach is about bringing together people working in social care, health, and the charity, voluntary and community sector through a network of local ‘communities of practice’.

A community of practice (CoP) is a group of people who share a common concern, a set of problems, or an interest in a topic, who come together to fulfil both individual and group goals.


OCVA will be leading these new communities of practice across the county, using our network and knowledge of communities to bring people together in their shared ambition while nurturing a culture of collaboration, growth and continuous learning.

How will it work? 

  • The CoPs will be co-ordinated and chaired by OCVA’s facilitator, ensuring that all sectors and disciplines have equal weight. Members will be people with hands-on experience of the needs of people in communities accessing care and support, such as; social workers, social prescribers, link workers, relevant District and County Council officers, representatives from relevant local charities, representatives from local relevant community and voluntary groups.
  • We anticipate there being a community of practice in each of Oxfordshire’s Districts and the City, although the size and shape may vary depending on local need and what works.
  • There will be a strategic, countywide steering group.
  • The CoPs will meet regularly to cultivate strong relationships and create plenty of space for learning and training.
  • The scope of the CoPs will be brave and broad, with the opportunity to harness lived experience contributions and explore opportunities such as training and participatory grant making.




How can I or my organisation get involved?

How can I or my organisation get involved?

If you’re interested in this work, and think you or your organisation have something to contribute, then we’d like to hear from you.

You can email: owcop@ocva.org.uk for more information and/or complete this form to provide your details and we can link you up with your local Communities of Practice group and add you to a mail list to be kept uptodate with information:

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