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We need volunteers

Recruiting volunteers is a challenge for lots of organisations but OCVA is here to help.

We can support you and do all we can to help raise the profile of your role. The suggestions below are a good place to get started, but please get in touch if you need more support.

Countywide website

Oxfordshire’s Volunteer Centres work in partnership to run a countywide website called Oxfordshire Volunteers.

This means you only need to advertise your role in one place and it is easy for potential volunteers to find your opportunity.  You will need to register your organisation first, and you can then start to upload all your opportunities.  Your local Volunteer Centre will approve each opportunity and support you to make roles sound as exciting and engaging as possible!

A newsletter is sent out each week from the website to registered volunteers with all the latest opportunities, further helping you to widen your reach.

If you need additional help in using the website, please see the instructions below which outline how to set up as an organisation and add roles. Alternatively, please email vol@ocva.org.uk or call 01865 251946.

Instructions for Organisations using Oxfordshire Volunteers

Additional support

OCVA regularly run half-day training in recruiting and retaining volunteers to equip you with new ideas for growing your volunteer team and keeping hold of them.

OCVA run an active Facebook page.  Do tag Volunteer Centre Oxfordshire in your volunteering opportunities so that we can shout about them too.

BBC Radio Oxford:  
OCVA and BBC Radio Oxford work together to run a radio feature dedicated to volunteering.  This is a great way to reach over 35,000 listeners. Email vol@ocva.org.uk if you would like to be on the programme.

Online Resources:  
Googling “How to recruit volunteers” will provide you with a whole host of packs and guides. Our favourites are:

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