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Networks and Forums

Increasingly today provision is coming from this sector where once it might have come from the public sector

Our networks cover a wide range of issues to ensure good communications. Forums are a way of networking and sharing information, and consortia are sometimes required in bidding for public funds.

Please note that some groups have their own contacts or web links.

Events related to these networks are currently advertised in Pulse (our news blog and weekly email service).

This page covers:

  • Oxfordshire Stronger Communities Alliance (OSCA)
  • Volunteer Co-ordinators Forum
  • Responsible Oxfordshire Business Involvement Network (ROBIN)
  • Children and Young People’s Forum (CYPF)
  • Refugee and Asylum Coordination Group (RASCG)
  • Rural Oxfordshire Network (RON)



Oxfordshire Stronger Communities Alliance is a partnership that represents the interests of the voluntary and community sector in Oxfordshire. It works to ensure that the voluntary and community sector has the support it needs, and is recognised for its contribution to life in the county. It is part of the Oxfordshire Compact.

It brings together voluntary sector support providers, faith groups, and representatives of local councils, the NHS, military and police. It is chaired by the Rt Revd Colin Fletcher, Bishop of Dorchester and Councillor Mark Gray, Cabinet member for the voluntary sector at Oxfordshire County Council.The members of OSCA include (external links):

  • Open and two way dialogue to identify and problem solve issues affecting the delivery of public and voluntary sector services and opportunities for social action.
  • Constructive dialogue and challenge in assessing the potential for improved ways of working.
  • The sharing of information and knowledge to identify and promote appropriate collaborative working.
  • Trust in organisations to tackle issues or define appropriate solutions either alone or in partnership.


Project Funding: 
GrantScape managed the Oxfordshire Stronger Communities Fund on behalf of OSCA and Oxfordshire County Council. This was a £250,000 one-off county-wide community benefit fund through which 20 grants were awarded in 2010.

Key contact at OCVA:
Laura Price


OCVA hold monthly Volunteer Co-ordinators’ forums aimed at people who have responsibility for managing or co-ordinating volunteers within Oxfordshire.

Held on 2nd Thursday of every month from 1-2.30pm via MS Teams.

These sessions are an opportunity to network, look at topics of interest in depth, catch up with new developments, share your news, look at ways we can support each other and share best practice.

To get an MS Teams invite and go on our mailing list please select here: Sign up for Volunteer Coordinators Group

The sign up process is very quick and should take no more than 30 seconds.

For further information please contact

Tariq Khandoker

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Email vol@ocva.org.uk or call 07812 487894

OCVA, The Old Courthouse, Floyds Row, Oxford, OX1 1SS


The Responsible Oxfordshire Business Involvement Network is Oxfordshire’s CSR network. It brings together voluntary, community, charity and social enterprise groups with local businesses keen to engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR); with an unusual emphasis on sharing rather than one-way dialogue. It was a spin-out from OCVA and now runs independently.

Project Funding:
Previous OCVA funds and the contribution of individual effort.

Key contact: Grant Hayward, Collaborent
Website (which links to ROBIN on LinkedIN where most of the online networking takes place for ROBIN)

Children and Young People’s Forum (CYPF)

The Children & Young People’s Forum was initiated in early 2015 and is for all those who work with children and young people in Oxfordshire. The event is organised by  Oxfordshire Youth and focusses on best practice and current issues.
Key contact:
Oxfordshire Youth

Refugee and Asylum Coordination Group (RASCG)

To establish a Refugee and Asylum Coordination group, of local not for profit, voluntary, community and faith organisations. The group will act as an effective communication and liaison link to the local authority and held shape their response on Refugees and Asylum Seekers. The group will act as a communication link to the not for profit, voluntary and community sector and coordinate voluntary, community and faith group activities.

The Coordination Group will:

  • Identify who is best placed to coordinate and lead of different activities related to the Oxfordshire response to refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Act as a focus for improving services for those refugee and asylum seekers who are currently in Oxfordshire.
  • Draw on resources available in the voluntary, community and faith sectors.
  • Identify gaps in services and how these gaps might be met.
  • Promote opportunities for not for profit, volunteering and donating to organisations that support refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Act as a conduit for information and advice to not for profit, voluntary, community and faith groups, who wish to help and support refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Work to provide consistent messages to the public; to dismiss myths regarding refugees and asylum seekers and to encourage public good will and donations.
  • To act as a link between local, regional and national not for profit and voluntary organisations.

Representatives from the following voluntary, community and faith groups:

It was agreed that housing providers would be represented through existing county and district wide partnerships.

The administration of the group will be supported by Oxford City Council, who will facilitate and host the meetings. The City Council will act as a link between the Refugee and Asylum Seeker Coordination Group, the Refugee and Asylum Seeker ‘Wider Voluntary , Community and Faith Group and the county wide group which is developing the ‘Local Offer’ and the South East strategic Migration Partnership.

Key contact at OCVA:

Rural Oxfordshire Network (RON)

The Rural Oxfordshire Network began in April 2017 is for those living and working in rural Oxfordshire. The event is organised by OCVA and partners including Community First Oxfordshire, the Diocese of OxfordVolunteer Link Up and the Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils.  This event focusses on reducing rural isolation and promoting mental health wellbeing.

Project Funding: 
This project is not funded.

Key contact at OCVA:
Laura Price

For more information about any of the Networks and Forums

Email admin@ocva.org.uk or call us on 01865 251946
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