Membership Benefits:

  1. 10% Discount when you purchase from Oxford Office Furniture (just email them your current year’s OCVA Membership certificate or number) and:
  2. FREE exclusive non-sales IT advisory service from Blue Planet along with the offer of half a days’ engineering time from one of their highly skilled staff. Read more about Blue Planet’s offers >
  3. 10% Additional Discount when you work with Bounce Productions on videos (just email them your current year’s OCVA Membership certificate or number)
  4. Reduced rate training on some of our training courses (just select the reduced rate on payment and quote your Membership number from your Membership Certificate)
  5. Reduced price on hiring the new Oxford Office Furniture Training Suite in central Oxford

Other IT support companies and services, furniture providers, and video production companies exist. Whilst we are always looking to add local business discounts for our members, we also encourage Members to buy social and make use of Computers for Charities.

We also offer

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Associate Membership

Contact us if you would like more details about how to become an Associate Member.

*Terms and Conditions apply for both Membership types. Benefits available may vary from time to time without notice.