Enter OCVA prize draw to win a £25 Notcutts Gardening Gift Voucher

We really want to know how our sector is doing in Oxfordshire!

logo_notcuttsFor this we are doing two surveys. One for any Oxfordshire non-profit (the sector survey), and one for our Members.

Anyone completing either survey (or both) will be entered into a prize draw to win a £25 Notcutts Gardening Gift Voucher.

Deadline is Friday 29th July 2016.

  • We will publish the findings in two reports and make them available to everyone (your answers will be anonymous).
  • If we have supported you in some way since June 2015 there is space to provide a “Case Study”. Case Studies are an extremely helpful way for us to demonstrate our impact.
  • If you have participated this year already there is no need to take the surveys again.

Thank you!




OCVA Members can now enjoy a 10% discount when they work with The UX Agency from Thame.

UX, or “user experience”, is a tried and tested way of applying some science to the challenge of making websites and apps successful. Whilst few charities and non-profit groups are developing apps, many do have websites; increasingly today those need to work on mobile. Moreover, lean times challenge us all to rely on technology more.

(OCVA hopes to launch its first fully-online training course soon; helping people build websites with WordPress.com. You’ll be able to find out more about UX in the course, as well as best practice, keeping legal, and how to make website success more likely.)

Here’s a bit about The UX Agency:

The UX Agency“We are the UK’s leading UX agency for complex interfaces. Inspiring trust and confidence which keeps our clients coming back.

Our experience covers a wide range of sectors from finance and banking, to publishing and gaming. We’ve had the chance to work with some great brands from Audi, SEGA and Shell to Emap, McDonalds and J.P.Morgan”

MEMBERS: New Discount: Room Hire

OCVA Members can now enjoy heavily discounted rates on the new Oxford Office Furniture Training Suite in central Oxford.

How the OCVA office looks from the streetThe move comes at a time when OCVA is regularly adding to the Member benefits with discounts and freebies.

Non-members and those from local government can also enjoy discounts, whilst commercial organisations can hire the suite at a reasonable price.

There are rates for office hours, evenings, and weekends. The training suite is due to launch formally later this winter.

Find out more about hire