OCVA and OCF have identified that groups tend to apply to the obvious choices when it comes to funding.

By all means consider these. But if you can find a better match between your outcomes and a funder’s interests you may stand a better chance.

Your search could include trusts with an interest in Oxfordshire, trusts interested in specific county regions,  national and global funding websites, and trusts focussing on:

Your own web search may, of course, yield more results specific to your goals. Have you tried FundingCentral? The DSC print directory of grant-making trusts should also be noted. (Our library copy is out of date.)

With over 10,000 sources of grants in the UK (source: The FSI) we can’t possibly list everything. It’s a bewildering landscape with no standardisation. This is partly why we are working to make searching for funding sources more simple and transparent in Oxfordshire with our free-to-use tool. (One other reason is that paid access to online funding databases abounds yet makes no sense.) Until this tool is built, we’ll provide advice here as best we can.

Funders – find out what you can do with us, including updating your details.

Tips to Groups

  • If you use a professional bid writer, ask them how successful they have been in the past (using one does not necessarily increase likelihood of success; your own enthusiasm counts for a lot)
  • Commissioners and funders are increasingly looking for joint working, not competition within our sector
  • Always read the funder’s guidance notes fully
  • When writing your application, do so as if explaining your service to someone who knows nothing about you

Grants vs Contracts

This page is about funding in the form of grants. Contracts (from public funds via local government) are handled differently. (A small amount of grants are administered from time to time by OCVA. For example the European Structural and Investment Funds [part of European Social Fund or ESIF / ESF].)

We always want to hear from you if you wish to bid for any contract.

We are looking to make grants to organisations working in and for the benefit of the people of Henley-On-Thames. For this year, we are particularly looking for organisations which are aiming to engage with children and young people in Henley-On-Thames.


Get Funding Updates via Pulse

Pulse is Daily (on our website), and weekly digest (by email, if your email address is on our database). It includes:A pulsing heart RSS feed logo

  • contract hub alerts from OCVA
  • award alerts from OCVA
  • local government contract alerts from some of OCVA’s funders
  • other grant offers
  • other sector-relevant content (Pulse is not just about funding)

We can’t guarantee to alert you about every opportunity; we just try our best.

If we don’t know about your group we can’t help you much. Submit your details or join our Membership. (If you’re not getting Pulse, you can subscribe without membership.)

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OCVA is unable to guarantee the accuracy of information on pages in the /funding/ section, which is provided as-is for the purpose of demonstrating what is available. OCVA is not responsible for the content on websites to which it links.

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